Cleveland Browns 3 overreactions heading into Week 3

• Nick Chubb done means season over?

• Passing game can't cut it?

• 3 overreactions heading into Week 3

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Losing is already the worst. Losing and losing a star player in the process? Well, it incites panic among most NFL fan bases it happens to. Unfortunately for the Cleveland Browns, Monday night's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road was made much worse by the fact that Nick Chubb suffered a gruesome knee injury that turned out to be as bad as it looked when we all saw it.

Although most overreacting happens in the minutes and hours shortly after a game is freshly won or lost, there are still Browns fans in a state of panic over what they saw against the Steelers on Monday night.

As much as we were all looking forward to the beginning of a Cleveland Browns dynasty after a Week 1 blowout of the Cincinnati Bengals, everyone is now equally worried over what is to come after a loss in Pittsburgh and the injury on top of insult.

Let's look at our top 3 overreactions for the Cleveland Browns heading into Week 3.

3 Cleveland Browns overreactions heading into Week 3

1. "Nick Chubb is done, so the Browns are done"

If Nick Chubb is done, so are the Cleveland Browns.

That's got to be the case, right? That's certainly what a lot of people believe about this team and you can't blame them. The Browns offense flows through Nick Chubb, one of the best running backs in the entire league if not the best. Although people would like you to believe that running backs are a dime a dozen, not everyone is Nick Chubb, and not everyone is capable of doing what he can do.

The Browns are likely going to need to dip into the free agency pool at running back (if they haven't already after this post is published), but for the time being, expect Jerome Ford to be heavily featured going forward.

Even if Kareem Hunt or someone else comes in, Ford's knowledge of the offense and work with the Browns all offseason gives him a huge leg up over anyone else. And he's in game shape as well, while Hunt would need time to get there.

But for many Browns fans, it doesn't matter how they replace Chubb. If his season is over, so is Cleveland's.