Cleveland Browns 3 biggest surprises after first 4 weeks

Biggest surprises for the Cleveland Browns through 4 weeks of the season.

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Through the first month of the 2023 NFL season, the Cleveland Browns have been the picture of an "up-and-down" team. They dominated in their first and third games, and lost in the second and fourth. Heading into the bye week with a bad taste in your mouth is not ideal, but there is plenty for this Cleveland Browns team and fan base to be excited about. There are also some things to potentially be worried about.

What areas of this Browns team have been the most surprising through four weeks? What did we expect and how have those expectations been met, or not, or even exceeded?

Let's take a look at the top three.

Cleveland Browns 3 biggest surprises through 4 games

1. Elijah Moore a disappointment?

Through the first month of the season, the Cleveland Browns have definitely done what they can to make Elijah Moore a featured part of their offense. They have given him 29 targets in the passing game, second on the team behind WR1 Amari Cooper. They have given him seven touches out of the backfield as a runner.

On 24 total touches this season (17 receptions, 7 carries), Moore is averaging a highly disappointing 6.3 yards per play. He's averaging less than nine yards per reception and he has just three yards on his carries thanks to his bizarre decision to run backwards for nearly an hour on one play. Despite the one play where he ran backwards, it's safe to say that Elijah Moore has been a bit of a surprising disappointment so far this season.

The Browns definitely need more out of him than 6.3 yards per touch and zero touchdowns in four games.