Cleveland Browns face a murderers' row to wrap up their 2024 schedule

The NFL released the entirety of the 2024 regular season schedule on Wednesday night. The Cleveland Browns wound up with an absolutely brutal string of five games to end their schedule.
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The NFL released the 2024 regular season schedule on Wednesday night. The Cleveland Browns social media team decided to go with a bowling theme for their release video. They kept it lighthearted but still managed to throw some light jabs at the competition in the process.

But what wasn't lighthearted is how the Browns wrap up their 2024 campaign. There are some interesting stretches on their schedule, including the four-games leading up to their bye where they play at Philadelphia followed by a three-game home stint against the Bengals, Ravens, and Chargers. However, it's the daunting five-game stretch to end the regular season that will either make or break Cleveland this year.

Browns at Steelers, December 8th at 1pm

The Browns start this gauntlet by heading to Pittsburgh. Think what you want about this current Steelers team, but if history tells us anything it is that Pittsburgh will be more competitive than you think. The other thing that history tells us is that the Browns have lost 20 straight regular season games playing in the Steel City.

Chiefs at Browns, December 15th at 1pm

Next up is the defending Super Bowl champs, the Kansas City Chiefs. I don’t know if there's much more that needs to be said here. Anytime you face off against Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and Travis Kelce you have your hands full. The only thing tilting in the Browns favor is that you get to face the Chiefs triumvirate at home.

Browns at Bengals, December 19th at 8:15

This will be Cleveland's second Thursday Night Football appearance in less than a month. That's a tough ask of any team, but even tougher when you consider that the Browns will have just played the Chiefs four days prior. Despite all of Joe Burrow’s talent, Cleveland has consistently been his toughest matchup since entering the league. Given the short leadup this late in the season, health will probably be the deciding factor in this Week 16 tilt.

Dolphins at Browns, December 29th at 8:20

In what appears to be a bit of a schedule quirk, the Browns will play in back-to-back primetime games. This matchup against the Dolphins should prove to be the most advantageous. It isn’t that the Dolphins aren’t talented, they are the fastest team in the league and schematically give themselves every advantage in that area that they possibly can. However, asking a team from south Florida to travel up to northeast Ohio to play a night game in late December could simply be a bridge too far for the Dolphins to overcome.

Browns at Ravens, Date and Time TBD

Well, the NFL schedule makers have done it again. Putting this particular matchup together to end the regular season makes too much sense. The Browns heading to Baltimore to take on the Ravens in Week 18 could have all kinds of implications, the AFC North could be at stake, as could the number one seed in the AFC. The Browns already have four primetime games on the slate, do not be surprised if the regular season finale becomes number five for Cleveland. Well done NFL, well done.

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