Do the Cleveland Browns need another DT now?

The Cleveland Browns are getting geared up for training camp shortly. Do they need to add another veteran defensive tackle before camp?

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns are now set to enter training camp. Andrew Berry has added a ton of talent to the roster this past offseason. With Dalvin Tomlinson, Maurice Hurst, Trysten Hill, and Siaki Ika added to the room already, is another body needed now

The short answer is no unless you are extremely high on the veterans still in free agency. In May of this year, we wrote about how the Browns are high on the depth they built. Also, look at who the Browns are giving tryouts to, and you will know how they want to fill any roster spots. 

But what about Perrion Winfrey's drama?

If the Browns were happy with the room before, with Winfrey already causing problems and on the bubble anyway, much hasn't changed now. He was always a project they hoped would pan out in the long term. Much how they view most mid-to-late-round draft picks, but that's for another time. 

Getting back to the point, the Browns are fine right now. On top of the names mentioned, they still have Jordan Jordan Elliott, Tommy Togiai, and Michael Dwumfour around. Is this a superstar list of players of course not, but this is training camp.

Cleveland has bodies to work with and evaluate during camp and preseason. Most of the last remaining veterans out there will likely be joined or replaced by surprise cuts during camp. This means there will likely be solid veterans looking for work after the front office has seen what these guys can do or dealt with some injury issues.

The point here is that unless a star player drops from the sky at a bargain basement price, there is no reason for the Browns to be in any hurry to fill a pot in the defensive tackle room.

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