4 players Browns need to make room for on depth chart

  • An undrafted pass rusher
  • A potential gem at running back
  • Speed, speed, speed
  • An obvious move coming at QB

Cleveland Browns, Hassan Hall
Cleveland Browns, Hassan Hall / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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2. Hassan Hall needs to make this Browns team

When the first unofficial depth chart was released, undrafted free agent Hassan Hall probably didn't like what he saw. But, what fans have seen throughout camp and in his limited action in the Hall of Fame game has proven he wants a spot on this team; and he deserves one.

The running back position is interesting, right now, because Jerome Ford recently went down with a hamstring injury and could be out a little while. He's officially being labeled week to week, at the moment. That certainly opens the door for Hall to make an impact, though.

Hall runs angry and explosive, which is something Browns fans have come to appreciate about recent running backs like current Starter Nick Chubb and even former Brown Kareem Hunt. Hall might have more upside than veterans Demetric Felton and John Kelly if given the opportunity.

During his collegiate career, Hall also proved he could catch the football and brings that element to the offense, as well. Hopefully, for his and the Browns' sake, they can find a spot for him on the final roster.