Cleveland Browns Week 14 studs and duds: Joe Flacco makes history

• David Njoku had a day to remember

• Martin Emerson is on another level

• Joe Flacco makes history for the Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns stud: Corey Bojorquez, P and Pierre Strong, RB

When a team is playing a backup quarterback, they need help from their defense as well as the special teams. Cleveland has had that all season and while the defense gets a ton of praise, the special teams unit is often overlooked — or at least the punt team is. Cleveland’s seen Dustin Hopkins get plenty of love for his field goals but their punter is having an All-Pro season and that has flown under the radar.

Corey Bojorquez entered this game with an average of 50.2 yards per punt and made that look like nothing in the first quarter. Following the Browns opening drive, the game became all about field position and the Jags nearly had an advantage after pinning the Browns deep and forcing a three-and-out. Bojorquez had to kick it from his own 10 and absolutely drilled a 75-yard punt.

Oftentimes, when a punter does this, the coverage unit is unable to close on the return man. That wasn’t the case thanks to Pierre Strong, Jr. The backup running back chased down Parker Washington, stopping him at the Jacksonville 18 for just a three-yard return.

This was the second time in a row that Strong made a play on punt coverage. He was also the one who initially hit Washington on the first punt when Bojorquez kicked it 57 yards. Washington gained six yards on that return but it could have been worse if Washington didn’t slow him down, allowing Grant Delpit to push him out of bounds.

Bojorquez wound up punting the ball eight times for 412 yards. That's an average of 51.5 while also pinning the defense inside the 20 three times.