Did Pro Football Focus lose their minds when ranking the Browns offensive line?

The Browns offensive line jumped from sixth to second in their offseason offensive line rankings. Did the good people at Pro Football Focus suddenly lose their minds?

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Note: This piece contains sarcasm.

The Cleveland Browns have earned some respect around the league for their offensive line play. Or at least the good people at Pro Football Focus believe they have.

Summer break for Browns fans is the dark time between mandatory mini-camp and full-on training camp. It is the time of year when fans pray to their private higher power that all the Browns players make it through the summer break without getting arrested. There was an initial legal scare with Perrion Winfrey, but that turned out to be resolved without jail time or his outright release, which is good, who else is going to bark at Browns fans?

But for those of us who don't go on summer break, and PFF can be counted as one of those entities, it's time to come up with anything and everything to put a product on the website. PFF has a tradition of using their star-studded brain power to rank position groups regardless of the scheme or how those athletes fit it.

This year Pro Football Focus has ranked the Browns as having the second-best offensive line in the league. Citing left guard Joel Bitonio as a PFF All-Pro, the Browns moved up four spots from their previous sixth rank.

It must be hard over at PFF. They collect data points regardless of context that have to be comparable in some manner. If they are not comparable then how can rankings be done? Yet, the comparisons are never apples to apples.

Instead, an offensive line built to run an outside zone scheme is compared to an offensive line built to run a spread offense, which is compared to a line built to run an option-style offense. Nonetheless, the good people at PFF have figured out how to do it.

But upon looking at the Browns' second overall ranking, one has to wonder if they've finally lost their minds. Do they not know that depth is a concern for this offensive line? What the Elf are they thinking?

For example, Browns fans who actually watch the game know that Jack Conklin is garbage. I mean, just look at this tweet from @fakecorykinnan.

Glad to see a former DPD writer making it big on Twitter. But Dwight Flakes @Common_Sinceinc brings it home when responding to the news of Conklin's extension.

Then there is the issue of Jedrick Wills, Jr. The Browns picked up Wills' fifth-year option. But fans didn't believe he was worth picking up the option. As Ricky @ricky_stehlik inform us, Jed Wills is a bust.

With two garbage tackles, how can PFF rank the Browns offensive line so high? It must be because of Joel Bitonio. I mean, his dad was an MMA cage fighter, ergo, he must be tough.

Wyatt Teller carries alligators over his back. What is not to love there? Plus his wife sends out Christmas cards to fans, but never one to me. Guess I don't count because I am Joel Cade @theleftguard and not a right guard.

After weighing all of the evidence, any rational person must conclude that the good people at Pro Football Focus, when it comes to ranking offensive lines, have lost their damn minds.

Per fans on Twitter, you know, the people who watch games instead of spreadsheets, Conklin is an overpaid placeholder one injury away from a nursing home and Jedrick Wills is a bust who doesn't deserve his fifth-year option picked up. But I will let Jesse McGee @Jesse_McGee have the last word on Wills.

How can the Browns have the second-best offensive line in the NFL while playing all these garbage players? I have no idea, you are just going to have to ask Pro Football Focus.

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