Former Browns running back Kareem Hunt has 4 potential landing spots

Kareem Hunt hasn't generated much interest on the free agent market but the former Cleveland Browns running back might suddenly have options
Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders
Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Kareem Hunt was the NFL rushing leader in 2017 for the Kansas City Chiefs before spending four seasons with the Cleveland Browns. During that time, he was never a full-time starter — thanks to the presence of Nick Chubb — but he was still highly productive.

Hunt appeared in 49 games for Cleveland and finished with 1,874 yards on the ground and 973 as a receiver. He also had a total of 23 touchdowns.

As is often the case with veteran running backs, none of that has really helped him as he searches for a new home. Hunt, who plays with a very aggressive style, hasn't generated much interest on the open market and it could be that teams believe he's lost a step.

Even if that's the case, it feels as though he should get another chance and Jordan Schultz recently said there were four possible landing spots for Hunt.

Schultz, who said Hunt is a very good goal-line back, could wind up with the Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, or Denver Broncos.

In each of those situations, Hunt would likely remain the No. 2 back but the Rams might give him the best chance at securing playing time. Cam Akers remains the projected starter and he's done very little to secure his job.

Having said that, a reserve role would still likely suit Hunt the best. As Schultz stated in his video, Hunt is not only great at the goal-line, but he's also above average in run blocking. Add that to his talent as a receiving back and he could find work as a third-down back in 2023.

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