Grading the Cleveland Browns offense in their narrow Week 7 victory

The Cleveland Browns escaped Indianapolis with a narrow victory, 39-38. Here is how the offense graded out in the Week 7 win.
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Wide Receiver Grade: C-

This is a hard positional room to grade considering the musical chairs that has taken place at the quarterback position for the past calendar month. But there was an obvious lack of plays made on the catchable balls that were thrown to the Browns wide receivers against the Colts on Sunday.

While those catchable passes were few and far between, Cleveland's receivers let Walker down more than a few times on the afternoon. Even the sure-handed Amari Cooper dropped two passes that were gimmes for the Pro Bowl wide receiver. When playing with a backup quarterback, it is incumbent on the receivers to make whatever plays are there to be made, and that just didn't happen in week seven.

Quarterback Grade: D+

Not a banner day for Cleveland quarterbacks. Deshaun Watson started the game but never looked ready to play from a physical, and even perhaps mental, standpoint. Watson’s throwing shoulder is still clearly an issue. None of his five pass attempts had any zip on them and they were atrociously inaccurate.

After sustaining a hit while throwing on the run, Watson’s day mercifully came to an end. Enter P.J. Walker ‘Ohio Ranger’. Just as Walker did the previous week against San Francisco, he battled to the very end and gutted out a win.

However, the win is the only thing that is keeping this quarterback room from receiving an F. Walker was erratic in his decision making, and at time careless with the football. The fact that he was only picked off one time in the contest in itself is a miracle.

But, on the final drive, when Walker had to make plays with his arm, he made it happen. Regardless if it comes from Watson or Walker or a QB not even on the current roster, the Browns have to get better play out of the quarterback position than they got on Sunday. But a win is a win and they all count the same.

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