How the Cleveland Browns got to Joe Flacco at quarterback

It's always a journey for the Cleveland Browns, and this year is no different as Joe Flacco is likely their newest starting quarterback.

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Cleveland Browns potentially handing the keys to Flacco:

After the Watson injury, Andrew Berry told us they would add another quarterback to the roster.  We weren’t sure if it would be a veteran presence to lead, or someone to come in to challenge DTR for the starting spot. That guy ended up being Joe Flacco, and now with the concussion to DTR, it looks like he will end up getting thrown into action whether we want it to happen or not.  Walker remains on the roster, but coaches still think Flacco gives the Browns a better chance to win in LA, and that doesn’t surprise me. 

Flacco lacks the athleticism this team is used to at the quarterback position, but even at 38 years old, Flacco still has the arm strength he did in his twenties while playing with the Baltimore Ravens. At one point the former Super Bowl-winning quarterback was considered a top-ten NFL quarterback, and his ability to make any throw has allowed him to stay in the league after being replaced by Lamar Jackson years ago. 

There is no doubt that this will be a tough game for the Browns, but with Stefanski and Flacco, I’m not ready to count the Browns out just yet. Flacco will have a full week of preparation, and Stefanski can tailor the offense to what he does best. Expect to see a lot of Jerome Ford and short passes to begin the game, but as Flacco gets his sea legs back you could start to see more and more plays downfield as he showcases his big arm. 

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