Cleveland Browns news: Karma caught up to Deshaun Watson says one writer

The Cleveland Browns knew adding Deshaun Watson would be controversial and the feelings are coming out after news of his injury was released

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When the Cleveland Browns added Deshaun Watson ahead of the 2022 season, there was a lot of outrage. This was expected since he was facing more than 20 counts of sexual misconduct. The team knew they were going to face backlash and that it would get worse when they signed him to a fully-guaranteed $230 million deal.

They also were fully aware that everyone involved was tying their careers to Watson. If he failed in Cleveland, head coach Kevin Stefanski and general manager Andrew Berry wouldn't survive. And if that happened, those who hated the move would come out in full force.

While there's still time for everything to work out, Watson's 2023 season is over meaning we're once again talking about "next year." It also means they will get just 12 games from him over the course of his first two years in Cleveland. That's also opened the door for critics to start coming at Cleveland once again.

One of the most aggressive takes was found on USA Today where Nancy Armour says Watson is getting what he deserved — as are the Browns. Her stance is clear, stating karma is undefeated, and she doesn't care if anyone dislikes her take. That story, and more, can be found in today's news roundup.

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Karma remains undefeated as Deshaun Watson, Browns finally get their comeuppance — Nancy Armour, USA Today

"Well, isn’t that too bad about Deshaun Watson. And by too bad, I mean a giant dose of much-deserved karma for both Watson and the Cleveland Browns. Before you come after me for reveling in someone else’s misfortune, let’s remember that Watson is an unrepentant sexual predator, having settled lawsuits with more than 20 women who detailed unwanted touching and/or sexual harassment by the quarterback. Despite this, the Browns gave him a $230 million contract that was fully guaranteed, the most guaranteed money ever for an NFL player, and then defended the move by saying what Watson had done wasn’t that bad and the women weren’t worthy of sympathy, anyway."

This feeling isn't going to be exclusive to Armour as there will be people all over the world — even those who don't watch the NFL — happy that Watson is struggling. Cleveland knew this and it's fair to criticize them for pairing with Watson. However, I don't remember them saying what Watson was accused of wasn't that bad or that the women deserved no sympathy. There were surely some in the fan base with some wild takes but I can't recall the franchise saying such things.

Browns QB Deshaun Watson 'very confident' on a strong 2024 return after season-ending shoulder surgery — Jordan Dajani and Grant Podell, CBS Sports

"I'm going to make sure I keep my head above water and stay in touch with all the guys. I'll support them as much as I can and attack this rehab process after the surgery and be beneficial for this team while not being on the field with them and also prepping for next year."

As was already stated, waiting has been the theme for Watson's tenure in Cleveland. Fans waited 11 games for his suspension to end then another six for the rust to wear off. Then, they waited all offseason for him to start in Week 1, followed by another wait for the rust to go away. From there, it was an injury in Week 3, and now this. Maybe he will bounce back in 2024, but again, we'll have to wait to find out.

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