NFL MVP ranks Browns QB Deshaun Watson ahead of Dak Prescott

Not many people would take Deshaun Watson over Dak Prescott, but one NFL MVP says he would.
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson / Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton has never had a problem showing support for Deshaun Watson. The two have been friends for a while and Newton said backing up the Cleveland Browns starter would be his top choice if he were to have returned to the NFL last year.

This offseason, he again has praise for Watson as he said he would take him over Dallas Cowboys starter Dak Prescott during a segment on his 4th & 1 podcast. While Prescott has his share of detractors, it’s hard to watch the way he played in 2023 compared to Watson and say that’s the right decision.

This isn’t a case of Prescott receiving unfair criticism either. Newton believes Dak is legit and said he would take him over all the quarterbacks who were extended over the past 15 months.

Newton also discredited the common line that Prescott shouldn’t get paid since he hasn’t had playoff success. He pointed to the fact that Justin Herbert, Trevor Lawrence, Kyler Murray, Kirk Cousins, and Jalen Hurts all got paid but haven’t fared much better in the postseason.

Deshaun Watson has a lot to prove in 2024

So if Newton believes Prescott really is a solid quarterback, how is he lacing Watson ahead of him coming off an up-and-down campaign?

It’s clear Newton is putting more stock in Watson’s play during his time in Houston than the past two years with Cleveland. Watson was an elite quarterback by the end of his tenure with the Texans but has struggled to find consistency in Cleveland.

This year will be huge for Watson. He has to find a way to stay on the field and get his accuracy issues under control. If not, even Newton might have to finally admit the time off did permanent damage to Watson’s career.

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