NFL Power Rankings: Browns stand tall in Wild Card weekend

The Cleveland Browns are one of the hottest teams in the league, which is why they're near the top of this Wild Card NFL Power Rankings

Cleveland Browns
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This Saturday will be the first day of the NFL Playoffs and the Cleveland Browns will take on the Houston Texans. They got a win against them in Week 16 but that was without C.J. Stroud. This time, the star rookie will be back which means this should be a much more competitive contest.

Don't expect Cleveland to be intimidated though. This defense can shut anyone down and Joe Flacco knows how to win in the playoffs. That's why the Browns are in the top five in this Wild Card Round NFL Power Ranking.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers somehow had another winning season and snuck into the playoffs. They have a tough task ahead of them in the Buffalo Bills but Josh Allen will give them a chance by throwing several picks. It's what he does.

13. Philadelphia Eagles

Not long ago, the Eagles were 10-1. They're now 11-6 and have dropped five of their past six games. The only reason they're not 14th is the fact they went to the Super Bowl last year. That and Pittsburgh sucks.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield put together an impressive campaign and threw for more than 4,000 yards while taking over for Tom Brady. He's also dealing with a rib injury which nearly cost the Bucs the NFC South title. They have a chance to move on still as they host the struggling Eagles.

11. Green Bay Packers

After a slow start, Jordan Love really turned it up a notch. They were just 9-8 but have wins over the Chiefs, Rams, and Lions. That's not too bad. Now they just have to do it in the playoffs, which will be new for him.

10. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins lost their shot at the division in the fourth quarter of Week 18. They also had just one victory all season against a winning team, which was the Dallas Cowboys. They're streaky but they have a lot to prove.