Proposed quarterback trade surfaces for Browns if Deshaun Watson remains out

If Deshaun Watson is expected to miss more time this season, then maybe the Cleveland Browns should look into this proposed trade

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

P.J. Walker just won his first start as the Cleveland Browns quarterback and deserves praise for his performance. He made some good plays overall and never backed down from the daunting San Francisco 49ers defense.

Still, he wasn't exactly elite, finishing with 192 yards on 18-of-32 passing with two ugly interceptions. One of those set the 49ers up to take a late lead and then Walker almost threw a pick in the end zone in the fourth quarter, which would have taken away their chance at the game-winning field goal.

With all of that being taken into consideration, the Browns should feel as though they have something to work with in Walker — should Deshaun Watson remain out for several more weeks. But they also might be willing to make a move as suggested by one writer.

Joe Tansey of Bleacher Report has an idea that's outside of the box but could work out for the Browns if they have to continue to play without Watson. While naming three trade candidates, Tansey identifies Drew Lock of the Seattle Seahawks as someone Cleveland should have their sights set on.

"Lock is still only 26 years old and could help in spot-start duty if Watson's shoulder issues persist."

Lock was a former starter for the Denver Broncos and is known for his strong arm. In his career, he's completed 59.1 percent of his attempts for 4,803 yards with 25 touchdowns and 20 picks.

Would the Browns consider a move at quarterback?

At this point, it feels highly unlikely the Browns would make a move. Reports have indicated that Watson could remain out but they also refrained from putting him on the short-term IR. That means they're likely confident he won't miss too many more games.

That means a move for Lock wouldn't make much sense. By the time they got him up to speed, Watson would hoefully be back.

It also might not make a lot of sense for Seattle to move him since he's a decent No. 2 in their offense as well. For now, this one seems a little too far "out of the box" to be a possibility.

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