Brady Quinn’s New Plan to Win QB Job


Political analysts point to the mustache as a potential deciding factor in many critical swing states.

Being that this is an election year,  Brady Quinn has turned to launching his own campaign in an effort to win the starting quarterback job in 2008.  He was recently involved in a situation off the field, and it no doubt offended many people.  If he is going to win the starting job, he is going to need all the support he can get from all over Ohio and beyond.  Like any good politician, he has to be able to appeal to a number of different cultures and lifestyles.  Quinn must prove that he is indeed a supporter of all communities, even ones that are prevalent in Columbus, Ohio and involve men in love with each other.

But then again, winning the starting quarterback job for the Browns is not an election by any means.  Sorry, Brady.  However, with Romeo Crennel, you can never assume he won’t try to top his celebrated coin flip strategy from last season.