Browns Vs. Saints: Fourth Quarter of Celebration!


The Cleveland Browns take on the New Orleans Saints in Cleveland today. The Browns Vs. Saints has an opportunity to be a blowout or a defining moment for the new Browns regime. Many factors will play a role in which way the game goes. We are here to cover all the big plays, as well as a few less notable but as impactful plays, from the game, quarter by quarter.

1st Quarter of Hope Takeaways     2nd Quarter of Awesome to Okay Takeaways     3rd Quarter of Encouragement

Here is our Browns Vs. Saints 4th Quarter of Takeaways:

  •  Saints drive down to the 3 yard line.
  • Mark Ingram with an easy touchdown run over right side. Saints 24 – 23.
    • Browns defense has been on the field a long time today. Getting tired.
  • Browns get a first and showing a solid drive trying to answer.
    • Both run and pass being successful.
  • On 4th and 3 the Browns thought about going for it, instead punt it back to the Saints offense.
    • Almost back fires as play clock almost expires.
  • First down pass by Drew Brees to rookie Brandin Cooks.
    • Good pressure in QB’s face. Justin Gilbert good coverage but able to get it in.
  • Methodical Saints drive running time off the clock.
    • Saints running up the middle a lot against smaller Browns front.
  • Browns bring a blitz on third down getting to Drew Brees.
    • Karlos Dasnby comes hard and fast to get Saints out of field goal.
  • Browns have a chance to come back and win with just less than 3 minutes left.
    • Starting inside at their 5 yard line makes it difficult.
  • Brian Hoyer sticks pass right in to Miles Austin for a first.
    • Austin had the corner all over him but that is why he was brought in.
  • Another stick throw to Austin for another first. Just need a FG.
    • Browns hurry but don’t rush. Clock runs but solid plays give them hope
  • No vertical attacks in the hurry up leads to 4th and 6.
    • Lack of Gordon and Cameron huge.
  • Perfect throw and catch by Hoyer to Gary Barnidge.
    • Throw over the middle lets the clock run but a huge first down.
  • Hoyer waits and waits to hit Miles Austin on the sideline.
    • Play gets reviewed, time ran off clock could be huge review for Browns. Completion and time back on clock is hopeful.
    • Catch and 15 seconds on the clock. Huge!
  • Huge play by Browns. Andrew Hawkins wide open down inside the redzone.
    • Saints assumed a short pass, got beat.
  • FIELD GOAL IS GOOD! Browns 26 – 24 with 3 seconds left.
    • Maybe the biggest win in a decade!

It is time to celebrate Cleveland! You deserve it.

What did you take away from the 4th Quarter of Browns Vs. Saints?