3 things the Shelby Harris deal tells us about the Cleveland Browns

The signing of Shelby Harris tells fans of the Cleveland Browns these three things.

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Cleveland Browns takeaway No. 2: Berry is finally giving up on his draft picks

The second big takeaway, which is almost tied for No. 1, Andrew Berry is finally willing to move on from his draft picks. There's a really good shot that Jordan Elliott and Tommy Togiai don’t make the roster after this move, and there is a 100 percent chance that at least one of them is gone (barring an injury).

Berry has appeared to always favor his draft picks in the past. So many times it felt like the tiebreaker came to if it was Berry’s guy or not. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but that era may also be coming to an end and Berry is now focused 100 percent on winning games.

That means guys like Anthony Schwartz and Demetric Felton could be at risk of getting cut from this team. Both were Berry draft picks, and both have underperformed up to this point. 

I’m with the fanbase on being ready to cut ties with Schwartz. To be honest I was dumbfounded when Berry made that pick and knew from the beginning that his Olympic speed wasn’t going to be enough to develop him into an NFL wide receiver.

While I wouldn’t disagree with moving on from Felton, I also think that he could produce as a third-down back on this roster. He struggled returning kicks last season which doesn’t help him, but he has shown to have good hands and is elusive on the field. 

The bottom line, after the Harris signing, it appears that no one is safe from potentially being cut.