5 Kevin Stefanski replacements if Cleveland Browns move on after disappointing season

The Cleveland Browns expressed faith in Kevin Stefanski but if things fall apart down the stretch, these are 5 candidates to keep an eye on

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Let's start by stating what should be obvious — Kevin Stefanski is the best head coach the Cleveland Browns have had since being reinstated in 1999. Even so, he headed into this season on the heels of two losing campaigns in a row which had some questioning the warmth of his seat. Entering Week 14, he's now 7-5 despite having four different starting quarterbacks.

As if that wasn't enough for him to overcome, Nick Chubb has been gone since Week 2 and both starting tackles are currently on the IR. Oh, and Denzel Ward has missed the past two games while Myles Garrett was limited in the loss to the Rams. Still, Stefanksi will be judged on wins and losses and if he can't stop the bleeding following a two-game losing streak, the calls for his job will get louder.

While the hope should be that Jimmy Haslam stays the course, we all know he can be impatient. That's why it's not a bad idea to be prepared for anything. That includes looking at five potential replacements if the season falls apart.

5. Eric Bieniemy, Washington Commanders offensive coordinator

This one could make sense simply due to the quarterback situation. While Cleveland has found ways to win without Deshaun Watson, they're married to him for three more years due to his astronomical contract — which is fully guaranteed. That means his input will have some merit if things change.

Back in 2020, the Houston Texans were looking for a new coach and Watson was advocating for Eric Bieniemy who was with the Kansas City Chiefs at the time. Houston didn't hire Bieniemy and that started the issues with Watson and the front office. That means Watson could once again throw his support behind the former Andy Reid assistant.

Now with Washington, Bieniemy hasn't had a great season but he also doesn't have a great offensive roster. He's still going to be interviewed for head coaching jobs and might even get one with the Commanders who could be firing Ron Rivera. If that doesn't happen, he will be on the shortlist in Cleveland should they make a move.