5 positions the Cleveland Browns must address in the 2023 NFL Draft

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General manager Andrew Berry has been a very busy man for the Cleveland Browns to this point in the NFL offseason. The team has been active in the free agent market, the trade market and will soon be busy during the 2023 NFL Draft.

While the team has done a sufficient job addressing some glaring needs with additions already this offseason, there are certainly a few positions that are not yet completely set for 2023 and beyond. Specifically in the draft, there are five positions that I believe the Browns MUST address to set themselves up for future success.

Browns Position to Address No. 5: Running Back

There's no question that the Cleveland Browns have one of the best running backs in the NFL in Nick Chubb. Even with an expected new-look offense under Kevin Stefanski in 2023, Chubb will undoubtedly be a focal point to maintain balance for quarterback Deshaun Watson. Chubb is as reliable as they come, with Browns fans everywhere clamoring for him to get 20-plus carries each and every game.

But pounding Chubb into the ground should not be the strategy for Cleveland this season. They will use him to complement Watson's passing attack and should look to keep him fresh so they can rely on him a bit more heavily when the team winds up playing in January.

The Browns seem to really like 2022 NFL Draft selection, Jerome Ford, and the backup running back job appears to be his for the taking. Ford has not seen much NFL playing time, so the team may want to bring in a more veteran complement to Chubb such as Jerick McKinnon, particularly for passing downs.

Even with Ford and a possible veteran addition, Cleveland needs to take advantage of a very deep 2023 NFL Draft running back class. Aside from Bijan Robinson, this running back class isn't very top-heavy, but there are many players that should be able to find an impactful role at the next level.

Cleveland fans will hate to think about it, but the forward-looking front office of the Browns must prepare for life without Nick Chubb at some point in the future. Whether that is one-to-two years or five-to-six years down the road, he, unfortunately, cannot play at this high of a level forever.

If Berry and Stefanski like a running back in this class, as they did Ford a year ago, they would be smart to scoop him up. It may take a couple of backs to replace the high level of workload and production that Chubb has provided since coming into the league, so starting this process now may be a thought in the Browns' front office heading into the 2023 NFL Draft.