Browns 3 keys to victory in Week 17: Feed Joe Flacco's Favorites

The Cleveland Browns can find themselves at 11-5 with these 3 keys to victory against the Jets.

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The 10-5 Cleveland Browns are set to host the 6-9 New York Jets this evening in Cleveland. The Browns are currently on a three-game winning streak and are looking to make it four against the already playoff-eliminated Jets. Cleveland enters Week 17 with a 99% chance to make the playoff, which will be their second appearance in four years. Here are three keys to victory for the Cleveland Browns against the New York Jets in Week 17: 

3. Keep Siemian Uncomfortable 

The New York Jets were dealt an unfortunate hand to begin the season, losing Aaron Rodgers in the opening minutes of Week 1, and have had a tough time trying to replace the future hall of famer. After losing former first-round pick Zach Wilson in Week 15, the Jets called upon their fourth starting quarterback of the season, veteran Trevor Siemian, to take the reigns. Siemian went 27/49 for 217 Yards with a touchdown and an interception in the Jets Christmas day victory.  

  • 3 Games 
  • 46/88 (52.3)
  • 393 Passing Yards (131 Yards Per Game Average)
  • 22 Passing First Downs
  • 1 Touchdown
  • 3 Interceptions 
  • 5 Rushing Attempts 
  • 26 Yards 
  • 2 Rushing First Downs

If the Browns can keep Siemian uncomfortable and under pressure throughout the entire game. In that case, the Browns will have no issue keeping the Jets' air attack from inflicting any significant damage.

2.  Don’t Let Hall Break Loose

New York running back Breece Hall stepped up in a major way for the Jets in Week 16, rushing for 95 yards and two touchdowns on 20 attempts and catching 12 passes for 96 yards. Hall, who has only rushed for 60 or more yards three times this season, took on the role of offensive playmaker in their Week 16  and enabled New York’s comeback victory.  

  • 15 Games 
  • 173 Rushing Attempts 
  • 732 Rushing Yards (48.8 Yards Per Game Average)
  • 28 Rushing First Downs
  • 4 Touchdowns 
  • 65 Receptions 
  • 537 Receiving Yards (35.8 Yards Per Game Average) 
  • 26 Receiving First Downs 
  •  3 Receiving Touchdowns  

If Cleveland’s defense can keep Breece Hall from having another breakout performance and under 60 rushing yards, they can keep the Jets' run game from putting their offense into a position to score. 

1. Feed Flacco’s Favorites 

During the Browns current winning streak, Joe Flacco has connected with Amari Cooper four or more times and David Njoku five or more times in each victory. In the loss against the Rams, Cooper caught three of five passes for 34 yards, while Njoku caught two of his six targets for 17 yards. 

Week 14 - Jaguars

David Njoku:

  • 6 Receptions
  • 91 Receiving Yards 
  • 2 Touchdowns

Amari Cooper:

  • 7 Receptions 
  • 77 Receiving Yards 

Week 15 - Bears 

David Njoku: 

  • 10 Receptions 
  • 104 Receiving Yards 
  • 1 Touchdown 

Amari Cooper: 

  • 4 Receptions 
  • 109 Receiving Yards
  • 1 Touchdown

Week 16 - Texans 

David Njoku:

  • 6 Receptions 
  • 44 Receiving Yards 
  • 1 Touchdown 

Amari Cooper: 

  • 11 Receptions 
  • 265 Receiving Yards 
  • 2 Touchdowns 

If Flacco and each of his favorite targets can connect four or more times and bring in a touchdown this evening against the Jets defense,  the Cleveland Browns will move the ball efficiently and put numbers on the board to propel them to 11-5. 

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