Browns mocked relentlessly for hyping face mask as 'return' of a 'new era'

This was all a bit much...
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

They had a teaser video on Tuesday night followed by the unveiling of a "new" yet "returning" look. Then, the Cleveland Browns Twitter account posted a love song — all to celebrate a face mask.

If that sounds like a bit much, it's because it was.

Cleveland deserves some credit for returning to the white face mask fans asked for. But they unveiled their "new" look in one of the weirdest ways possible — basically wanting to be praised for fixing something they broke. But this isn't new because they did the same thing in 2020 when they went back to the uniforms they wore before the 2015 disastrous rebrand.

Their non-stop self-praise also got the attention of other fan bases, who were quick to point fingers and laugh.

Even some Browns fans could do nothing but point out how odd this whole thing was with the Big Apple Browns Backers calling this the "most Browns thing ever." And they weren't alone as others who support the team were openly pointing out the absurdity.

There were also those who were just confused by the claiming that a "new era" is making it's "return." And yeah, that's definitely confusing.

Still, nothing was worse than the way the social media team simply wouldn't stop. One post in particular could come back to haunt the team. Imagine getting handed a tough loss only to see the opposing team's social media department post this tweet with the caption "They got an L but at least their swag is still too different."

Again, it's admirable the Browns listened to the fans but the way they went about all of this was overboard and the jokes won't stop anytime soon. This was also the case in 2015, especially when it came to the 'oranger' logo. And yes, we have a new logo as well — with a white face mask.

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