Browns need to cash in on amazing AI-generated merchandise

The Cleveland Browns shared some AI generated Funk Pops that need to be made ASAP.
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason can be slow at times but it can also be amazing. That was the case this weekend when the Cleveland Browns social media team decided to have a little fun with AI. On Saturday, they posted an image with four Pop Funko figures, saying they asked AI to create them and were pleased with the results.

First was a David Njoku figure, aptly named 'Chief Njoku'. The second was a mash-up of Dawand Jones and Dalvin Tomlinson as the Marvel supervillain Thanos, which was amazing. There was also a Nick Chubb dressed as Batman and Myles Garrett with a pet dinosaur.

Chubb showed up in a Batman mask to smash a guitar before the season finale and has used the Dark Knight to send messages via social media this offseason. Garrett has been a huge fan of dinosaurs, even trading a jersey to a young fan in exchange for a toy dinosaur at one point.

Dawand Jones, Dalvin Tomlinson mash-up is wonderful

As great as each of these is, the mash-up of Jones and Tomlinson as Thanos has some interesting details. While the jersey is the old one we wish could be snapped out of existence, the rest is clever.

First, both Jones and Tomlinson have love for Thanos. Jones is nicknamed "Big Thanos" — for obvious reasons — and Tomlinson does the "snap" celebration after recording sacks. He's also drawn infinity stones on his glove before, which is represented in this gauntlet.

Another winning detail is the chain. Last year, Za'Darius Smith gave Tomlinson — a former teammate of his at Minnesota as well — a gauntlet chain for Christmas. This AI-generated figure is wearing a similar one.

While some tweaks could be made, there's no reason the Browns shouldn't be on the phone with the creators at Pop Funko right now. These characters need to be made and it's safe to say they would sell out in minutes.

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