Browns news: Nick Chubb contract details, tough strength of schedule

How much will Nick Chubb make in 2024? How tough is the Browns schedule?
Cleveland Browns, Nick Chubb
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The NFL world has come to a bit of a pause as the 2024 NFL Draft is nearly here. Teams with remaining holes are likely waiting until after the draft to sign anyone else while focusing on the incoming class of rookies. That's been the case for the Cleveland Browns, who have been visiting with several potential draft choices.

Before turning their attention completely to the rookies, however, they re-worked Nick Chubb's contract. In today's news round-up, Terry Pluto has a piece where he says the cap hit in 2024 went down from more than $15 million to $6.25 million.

We also have a look at the strength of schedule in 2024 — which is less than ideal for the Browns. Those stories and more can be found below.

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What I’m hearing about Nick Chubb and his new Browns contract – Terry Pluto,

"I tried to find out how much of the deal is fully guaranteed. I heard it’s less than the $6.25 million, but considerably more than $2 million. Why $2 million? I contacted one NFL executive about what Chubb would receive on the open market from another team. He mentioned $2 million guaranteed for injury, and that would probably be it."

Cleveland never wanted to cut Nick Chubb but if he could have gotten more money elsewhere, then the negotiations could have gotten interesting. Both sides came to a fair conclusion, which can happen when there's legitimate trust between the parties. Good job on both Chubb and the Browns here.

Where Does The Browns Strength Of Schedule Rank In 2024 — Spencer German, Browns Digest

"According to Warren Sharp's popular analytics website Sharp Football Analysis, Cleveland has the third most difficult strength of schedule next season. The only teams considered to have harder schedules are the New England Patriots and division rival Pittsburgh Steelers, who are slated to have the most difficult schedule."

After securing the No. 2 seed in the AFC North last season, it means the Browns will have a second-place schedule. That winds up leading them to a tough road with only two teams facing a harder road in 2024.

Cleveland Browns target position in the 2024 NFL Draft revealed — DPD

All signs are pointing to offensive tackle for the Browns in the 2024 NFL Draft. They've kicked the tires on a lot of receivers as well, so don't count that position out. But those who follow the team believe they're looking for a new left tackle with pick No. 54.

Biggest free-agency mistakes Browns made and how to fix them in the NFL Draft — Ryan Heckman, DPD

Ryan Heckman has questions about the wide receiver position after the Browns extended Jerry Jeudy and not Amari Cooper. He also wants them to quit the 'Band-Aid' approach to the running back position.

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