Browns raise eyebrows by signing a fifth quarterback after tryout

Jacob Sirmon
Jacob Sirmon / Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have a deep group of quarterbacks with Deshaun Watson, Jameis Winston, Dorian Thomson-Robinson, and Tyler Huntley on the same team. Due to their depth, they didn't add a signal-caller in the draft or as an undrafted free agent — at least not initially.

During their recent rookie minicamp, the Browns invited Northern Colorado's Jacob Sirmon (6-foot-4, 235 pounds) to Berea for a tryout. He was the only quarterback in attendance and impressed the coaching staff enough to land a contract.

Sirmon is now the fifth quarterback on the depth chart, which raised a few eyebrows. Andrew Spayde of The OBR even believes this is another bad sign for Watson as he recovers from shoulder surgery,

Spayde doubled down when pressed by commenters, saying he wasn't doing "zip watch," which is a hilarious reference to the attention Watson received throughout the 2023 offseason as everyone commented on the "zip" he had throwing the ball.

Newest Browns QB has nothing to do with Deshaun Watson

If we're being completely transparent, it's easy to see why anyone is quick to get frustrated when it comes to QBs in Cleveland. The truth is that the past three years with Deshaun Watson have been exhausting.

From suspension watch, to rust watch, to zip watch, to rehab watch, it's been one issue after another. The Browns paid a king's ransom for Watson and he's done nothing to reward them. Having said that, Sirmon's presence on the roster has nothing to do with Watson.

Cleveland signed former No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston as insurance for Watson. If anything happens to their starter this year, Famous Jameis is getting the call — and he can make a lot of money if that happens.

Sirmon, and even Tyler Huntley, are simply camp arms. The only reason Huntley makes the 53-man roster would be if Thompson-Robinson is still hampered by his hip injury. As for Sirmon, this is a practice squad candidate who they're going to look at as a developmental player. Nothing more.

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