Browns select DB Myles Harden at No. 227: Instant grade and reaction

Cleveland adds another cornerback to a talented corps
NFL Combine, Myles Harden
NFL Combine, Myles Harden / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

We're finally in Round 7 and the Cleveland Browns made their first of two picks in the last round of the 2024 NFL Draft. At pick No. 227, the Browns added another cornerback as they took Myles Harden from South Dakota.

Browns NFL Draft grade for Myles Harden selection: B-

Cleveland loves defensive backs and they might have unearthed a gem late with Harden. Listed at 5-foot-11 and 198 pounds, Harden is built for the slot — but doesn't have a lot of experience there. His long speed isn't great either but that wouldn't be as much of a concern in that role.

What stands out with Harden is his fearlessness and competetive nature. He's also shown significant improvement in each season that he's played which is highly encouraging. If Jim Schwartz can get him up to speed on playing the slot, he could potentially be a starter down the road. Until then, he has the makings of a special teams gunner.

Considering how late he was added, this is about as good of a selection as they could have asked for but it stays a B-minus since there's no guarantee he can play the slot. There were also players such as tight end Jaheim Bell available who would have filled a stronger need.

Browns previous picks

Round 2, Pick 54: Michael Hall, Jr., DT, Ohio State
Round 3, Pick 85: Zak Zinter, OG, Michigan
Round 5, Pick No. 156: Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville
Round 6, Pick 206: Nathaniel Watson, LB, Mississippi State

What picks do the Browns have left?

The Browns have one final pick in Round 7 with two picks — No. 243. That will end their night and the draft itself will be finalized after pick 257 which belongs to the New York Jets.

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