Cleveland Browns beef up their offense in 2024 mock draft

The Cleveland Browns are without a pick in Round 1 but can still load up on talent as this 2024 mock draft shows

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Cleveland Browns Round 3 pick: Patrick Paul, OT, Houston

Jedrick Willis will continue to face criticism for his play but the truth is that he was improving before suffering a knee injury in their win over Arizona. With him out, Geron Christian has played well but the Browns would be wise to add someone who can serve as a backup to Wills with the potential to start one day. Enter Patrick Paul from Houston.

Listed at 6-foot-7 and 315 pounds, Paul was available at this point during this draft simulation but there's a chance he can climb higher when the real thing rolls around. The Cougars left tackle has been excelling in pass protection which could catapult him up draft boards. Having said that, he's a name to watch and even if he's not here, Cleveland needs to bring in some depth behind Wills.

Cleveland Browns Round 5 pick: Luke Lachey, TE, Iowa

Harrison Bryant is set for free agency and it doesn't seem as though he's in the plans going forward. That's why the Browns add Luke Lachey from Iowa in Round 5 of this mock. Tight End University is always a place to go when needing depth at the position and while Lechey doesn't have sensational receiving numbers, he's still a well-rounded prospect who could develop into a solid TE2 behind David Njoku.