Cleveland Browns news: Sideline drama with Deshaun Watson blown out of proportion

As is often the case, the drama surrounding the Cleveland Browns quarterback is being completely overblown

Cleveland Browns
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This past weekend, the Cleveland Browns somehow created drama which hardly anyone saw coming. During their loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Deshaun Watson was shown sitting in a suite during the game with his arm in a sling. Quickly, he drew criticism for not being a team player.

On Monday Night Football, the critics were still in full force — especially after Joe Burrow was seen on the sideline with Jake Browning. However, reports are now saying Watson did try and stay on the sideline for the game but the team said no. The reason was to protect him from any accidents since he just had his shoulder surgery.

This answer won't please everyone but it seems plausible. Watson was on the sideline before the game and Nick Chubb was out there on crutches. Once the game started, Chubb was also gone as they likely didn't want anyone to accidently run into either one of their superstar players. With that out of the way, here's the rest of our Browns round-up.

Cleveland Browns news

Browns starting QB: This Thursday video hints toward Week 14 decision — Jared Mueller, Dawgs by Nature

"Flacco gives Cleveland the highest floor for performance but Thompson-Robinson may be seen to have the higher ceiling that could give the Browns at least a chance in the playoffs. The veteran might be more likely to get the team the three or so wins they need to make it but getting the rookie reps could prepare him to excel in the post season."

Mueller uses a video of Joe Flacco working with the first team despite DTR's return as his evidence that Cleveland has made up their mind. He also points out the fact that Flacco has a much-higher floor but the ceiling for Thompson-Robinson is unknown. That's what Kevin Stefanski and the coaching staff has to weigh.

Could Trevor Lawrence Actually Play Against The Browns On Sunday? — Spencer German, Browns Digest

"Whether or not Lawrence's presence is a legitimate sign that he'll play or just an act of gamesmanship by Jacksonville is anybody's guess. Head coach Doug Pederson expressed a hesitancy in putting Lawrence on the the field if he wasn't 100-percent ready to go. That said, he was limited at practice on Thursday, making Lawrence's practice status on Friday will be worth monitoring."

Trevor Lawrence was practicing on Thursday which means he might be able to suit up come Sunday. That would be a hige boost for the Jaguars but it could also be gamesmanship from Doug Pederson as Spencer German suggests. Keeping the Browns guessing could give them a slight advantage, and any advantage is a good one.

3 big storylines to watch in Week 14 when Cleveland Browns host Jaguars — Eddie McDonald, DPD

With the Browns hosting the Jaguars, we look at three of the biggest storylines. One is simply how much more comfortable this team is at home. They're 5-1 in Cleveland Browns Stadium, which should give them confidence against the Jags.

Cleveland Browns breakout star candidate for Week 14 — DPD

Elijah Moore had a great outing in Week 13 despite the loss. It could have been even better had Joe Flacco not been rusty on a few of his throws. With a week of work behind him, and the Jag's pass defense being an issue, this feels like a game where Moore can break out.

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