Could Browns get Nick Chubb back in September?

Jacob Roach of Browns Wire believes Nick Chubb could be back during the first month of the season.
Cleveland Browns Nick Chubb
Cleveland Browns Nick Chubb / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Nick Chubb got fans excited when he showed up to Cleveland Browns minicamp. While he didn’t practice, just the sight of him moving freely on his surgically repaired knee brought optimism.

That optimism grew when Chubb wouldn’t commit to being out of action in Week 1. He later had videos of his workouts make the rounds and he appears to be closer to a return than originally anticipated.

His progress has Jacob Roach of Browns Wire eyeing a September return date. In answering a fan mailbag, Roach was asked if Chubb really could return as early as Week 1. Roach said if he did, the running back would be limited but still sees him coming back before October.

”When this off-season began, I thought Nick Chubb’s return wouldn’t be until sometime in October. But seeing the workout videos and rumors of how well he is moving, I think it will be earlier than that. I still don’t think he will play in week one, and if he does, it will be limited, but I believe he will play at some point in September.” — Roach, Browns Wire

This would be a huge win for the Browns. While they protected themselves with the signing of D’Onta Foreman, no one in the league is as consistently dominant as Chubb. Having him back will take a lot of pressure off Deshaun Watson and the entire offense.

Don’t bet against Nick Chubb

Chubb needed two separate surgeries to repair his torn ACL and MCL, which has led to the long time table for a return. However, general manager Andrew Berry warned us all not to bet against Chubb.

This is the second time he’s coming back from a severe knee injury, suffering a torn ACL in 2015 while playing for the Georgia Bulldogs. There were concerns he would never be the same due to the severity of that injury, but Chubb bounced back and became the steal of the 2018 NFL Draft.

While it’s true he’s older now and has taken far more hits, Chubb proved doubters wrong back then and is set to do it again this year.

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