Nick Chubb rehab video fires up Cleveland Browns fans

Nick Chubb continues to prove that he might not be completely human.
Cleveland Browns, Nick Chubb
Cleveland Browns, Nick Chubb / Matthew Brown / USA TODAY NETWORK

Nick Chubb continues to give Cleveland Browns fans hope that he won't be sidelined for long this season.

On Friday, he did so with a short video showing him standing up on crutches. The significance was felt, however, since a caption let us know this took place just two hours after he had surgery to repair torn ligaments in his left knee.

Another interesting nugget in this video was the presence of a Batman figure across from Chubb and one on a shelf. The Cleveland running back has never been shy about expressing his fondness for the Dark Knight. He even shared an image earlier in the offseason of Batman rising from the ground, wiping blood off his mouth before returning to battle.

Chubb, who suffered a torn ACL and MCL in Week 2 showed up to the home finale in a Batman mask last December. As an honorary captain, he fired up the home crowd with the ceremonial guitar smash before kickoff.

Browns shouldn't rush Nick Chubb even if he's ready to roll

In addition to the video that took place right after surgery, another clip made the rounds this week featuring Chubb. Brad Lester, a trainer who works with many NFL running backs, began working with Chubb this offseason.

The two worked together in Cedartown, Georgia at Chubb's high school. Lester said he had to ask Chubb which knee was injured since he showed no limitations as they went through drills.

As promising as this is, the Browns have to resist any temptation to push No. 24 onto the field too early. Chubb is a competitor and will give it 100 percent, so they need to make sure he's protected and fully ready.

Even then, easing him into the plans is ideal. Cleveland signed D'Onta Foreman this offseason to help carry the load and even if Chubb is back before they originally expected, utilizing Foreman as much as posssible is advisable.

In the end, the goal is for Chubb to be out there in December and January. That's far more important than September or October football.

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