Deshaun Watson accused of blocking Joe Flacco fans on social media 

Not the best look for Deshaun Watson if this is true

Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

After Joe Flacco took over as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback, he quickly won the hearts of the fans. Flacco revived the offense with 1,616 yards and 13 touchdowns in just five games. In the process, he led Cleveland to the postseason and even took home the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award.

Despite all of this, Flacco reportedly wasn't even offered a contract in 2024 with the Browns adding Jameis Winston instead. Flacco landed on his feet, agreeing to terms with the Indianapolis Colts, but the fan base will still miss him. And that might not be sitting too well with Watson.

On Thursday, Nick Karns — a co-host of the Barking Browns podcast — who is known for his positive tweets praising each and every Browns player showed a screenshot saying Watson blocked him. Karns says the reason was a simple tweet saying he wished Flacco was still in Cleveland.

If Watson really did get upset over this tweet, that's a terrible sign. It's also unfair to Karns, who has always been fair to Watson despite his off-field drama. Karns has refrained from the topic and has only focused on the play on the field. But those aren't the tweets Watson — or whoever runs his account — saw. They happened to see the one praising Joe Flacco. The one that didn't even have Watson named in it. 

Deshaun Watson gives credence to claims regarding Joe Flacco’s exit

Before free agency opened, there were claims Watson would be unable to work with Flacco as his backup. Zac Jackson of The Athletic said Flacco would be gone due to the “dynamics” around Watson. 

Others say he's gone because the offense will change after the Browns made some moves with their offensive coaching staff. Perhaps that's the true reason for the shift to Winston but seeking out tweets with the name Joe Flacco simply for the sake of blocking the tweeter sends a terrible message. And it gives credence to those who believe Watson was unable to handle a popular quarterback sitting behind him.

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