Former Browns weigh in on Cade York and special teams issues

Former Cleveland Browns special teams members are sharing their opinions on Cade York, who has been struggling since entering the NFL

Chiefs v Browns
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Former Cleveland Browns special teams members have chimed in on the Cade York conversation that has been brewing for the past two years. 

Browns great Josh Cribbs (2007 has been the most vocal about the Browns current kicker, talking about the situation on his podcast and tweeting about it. 

BigPlay, the site where Josh Cribbs and his wife host their podcast, tweeted out a question to Browns fans, to which Cribbs responded he would choose his former kicker, Phil Dawson (1999-2012) over himself due to the current status of the Browns. 

Cribbs went on to discuss his time with the Browns and Dawson on ‘The Return with Josh and Maria Cribbs’ 

Cribbs explained why he chose Phikl Dawson and why Cade is currently struggling.  

Former Browns punter Dave Zastudil (2006-09) has also taken to Twitter, but he is focusing on the fans who blame the Browns current punter Corey Bojorquez, who is getting heat for botched holds. 

In multiple tweets, he explains the short time from snap to kick and why the punter is more qualified to hold the ball than the backup quarterback. 

I was born in 1996, so I have no real memory of the Browns not being in Cleveland. 

I’ve only heard stories from my dad or other fans about the ‘good old days’ of Browns football. 

Growing up, the superstars were the special teams guys, especially Josh Cribbs, who I saw play at Kent State University as a young boy.  

The special team guys consistently got it done when the offense couldn’t find their way to the endzone. 

Boy, times sure have changed since 15 years ago, and the Browns have a franchise quarterback, a star running back, a loaded receiver room, and a kicker with consistency issues. 

So it's good to see the old crew back together, defending the guys at their old positions. 

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