Social media is an emotional wreck as Browns ponder a new helmet

The Browns could have a third helmet in 2025 and fans don't know how to feel
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Hopefully, they don't unveil anything in the same cringey way they dove into the white face masks, but the Cleveland Browns apparently could have yet another uniform change in 2025. Executive vice president J.W. Johnson was speaking with the media and said the team would be exploring options for a third helmet to use in 2025.

For years, the NFL had a rule that teams could wear just one helmet but they lifted that recently and the Browns took advantage. In 2024, they unveiled an alternate uniform that was widely praised featuring a white helmet to go with an all-white uniform.

The 'White-Out Series' uniform was used in three games — Week 2 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 6 against the San Francisco 49ers, and Week 17 against the New York Jets.

Now the league again made a change allowing a second alternate helmet. Teams that changed their uniforms are allowed to incorporate the third helmet this season. The Browns are among the teams without a uniform change (no, the face mask doesn't count) so they will be able to utilize this in 2025.

Fans don't like change when it comes to the Browns

Even with the white helmet being well received, Cleveland fans are still reluctant to change. The idea of a third helmet sparked all kings of emotions, especially when the idea of a logo was brought up.

While some liked the idea of something different for one or two games per year, some were ready to end it all over the thought of a logo.

Others offered up their own opinions on what should be done.

Whether or not they go with a logo or a different color of plain helmet, the reactions will be mixed. But there's nothing wrong with adding an alternate look, especially when they'll be primarily seen in their classic look.

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