Week 1 opponent for Browns in 2024 is an easy choice for NFL schedule makers

Who should the Browns face in Week 1?
Cleveland Browns
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The NFL schedule is usually released in May, so we'll soon know when the Cleveland Browns will face each of their opponents. We already know who they will play as they finished with a second-place schedule and are set to face the AFC West and NFC East.

We also know which teams they will face at home and which they will travel for. Here's a quick recap of their opponents for the upcoming campaign.

Browns home opponents in 2024

• Baltimore Ravens
• Pittsburgh Steelers
• Cincinnati Bengals
• Kansas City Chiefs
• Los Angeles Chargers
• Miami Dolphins
• Dallas Cowboys
• New York Giants

Browns away opponents in 2024

• Baltimore Ravens
• Pittsburgh Steelers
• Cincinnati Bengals
•Denver Broncos
• Las Vegas Raiders
• Philadelphia Eagles
• Washington Commanders
• Jacksonville Jaguars
• New Orleans Saints

Browns Week 1 opponent is an easy choice

There was a brief moment when we all thought the Browns would start the season in Brazil. With the Philadelphia Eagles on their schedule, rumors circulated that the two teams would face off in the first-ever game played in São Paulo, Brazil. However, it was the Green Bay Packers scheduled to face the Eagles in that historic game.

With that game not happening, there's only one alternative that makes sense. Cleveland should start the season on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After the 2023 season ended, there was a little drama between the two rivals. Pittsburgh pass-rusher T.J. Watt caused a stir when he grew frustrated over losing the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award to Myles Garrett.

There's already bad blood between the two franchises, which grew worse when Nick Chubb was injured in Week 2 against the Steelers. There's also been a non-stop debate among fans regarding Garrett and Watt — with the players choosing Garrett in the NFLPA All-Pro vote.

Pittsburgh is also the only AFC North team the Browns haven't handed a loss to in Week 1 since returning to the NFL in 1999. They knocked off the Baltimore Ravens in 2004 and the Cincinnati Bengals last year. Pittsburgh, however, has handed them two losses and one tie in Week 1.

This would be a chance to see two premier pass rushers start the season off against one another while allowing Cleveland to continue to prove they're contenders in their division by handing the Steelers a loss in front of their home crowd.

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