Roster Moves: Browns Cut 4 to Add Waiver Claims


The Cleveland Browns added WR LaRon Byrd, RB Glenn Winston and OTs Ryan Seymour and Caylin Hauptmann from waivers today. We have you covered with their additions here (All Open in New Windows): Byrd, Winston, Seymour and Hauptmann. To make room for those 4 players the Browns had to make moves corresponding roster moves. They did so by waiving OL Karim Barton and Martin Wallce and WR Charles Johnson, with Rex Grossman being cut.

Grossman and Johnson were somewhat surprising when we reported the news earlier. Barton was just claimed by the Browns and Wallace struggled some as a backup this off-season. All but Grossman could be assigned to the practice squad if they make it through their waiver period of 24 hours. That is the second set of waivers that we talked about as we went over the NFL Waivers Process early this morning.

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For the Browns the hope is these 4 players will be an upgrade over what they had. The idea that the Browns upgrade by bringing in players off the Seahawks (1), Niners (2) and Cowboys (1) makes some sense. The NFC West rivals have been model franchises for the past few years and have won. The Cowboys are not the model franchise for anything but marketing and making a ton of money, but their receiving corp has been quality.

As expected the Browns will churn the bottom of their roster and their practice squad in any attempt to make the team competitive. Players at this level are unlikely to make a huge impact, but sometimes you find 1 that breaks through. Maybe it is Byrd, maybe it is Winston, or maybe one of the linemen stand out down the road.

So far so good for the Browns. They still seem to have a few extra defensive backs but with the injury concerns to Pierre Desir and Buster Skrine the team might hold on to them through Week 1.

How do you feel about this trade off of 4 players for 4 players in the waiver process?